Wet Hotel Bed

This is something that I had always wanted to do.

I have wanted to stay in a hotel and wet the bed. Not only that, but have people know that I have wet the bed, and to find out when I am in their presence.

Sadly, I don't stay in hotels often and usually with someone I know that I wouldn't want to know my secret. However, the opportunity came a few months ago when I had to take a day trip to Poland.....I needed to stay the night in a Travelodge by Birmingham Airport.

It was perfect for me. I was so excited it was a struggle to make it to the end of the day. I made sure that I drank plenty before going to bed as well as having a good meal. (From past experience, I knew I would have to wake up in order to do it......the days of my actual bedwetting are pretty much past).

God it was hard to sleep that night......not only was my bladder full but I was so excited about what I was going to do. I think I hardly slept that night. I must have drifted off a bit however, as I became aware that it was five o'clock in the morning.....and I was absolutely bursting.

It was surprisingly hard to go........my penis was totally hard and it took a lot of concentration to get the flow started despite my need.......however it finally came, a few spurts, a trickle.....and then a steady flow becoming a gush and a torrent, as I completely weed in the travelodge bed.

By the time I was done, the bed was completely soaked, and you could smell the wee throughout the room. I got myself up and had a shower, got my things together and walked down to reception (I had decided to leave early). My heart was pounding as I went up to the lady on the reception desk, handed in my key and said (my face bright red) 'I'm really sorry, but I had a bit of an accident last night'. She looked at me enquiringly and I had to explain, 'I'm afraid I've wet the bed'. My embarassment was excruciating, as was my arousal. She looked shocked at first, and then tried to be sympathetic, but I think she was struggling to hide her own embarrassment. I left pretty quickly, got in my car and drove away from what was an incredible experience.
Ritter2000 Ritter2000
22-25, M
Dec 15, 2012