Don't Do It Often

I don't pee myself in bed very often since I like to do it as subtly as possible. But the feeling, when tired, lazy and needing, of just letting go under the covers is a great one. The way I tend to do it is laying on my stomach, face laying sideways on the pillow with arms underneath it, with legs a little apart. The feeling usually results in an erection, which presses into the mattress and increases the satisfaction. I'll usually then roll onto my back and **********.

I've not done it accidentally for years. Infact, since age 5-6, the only reason I recall wetting the bed accidentally is due to illness. I'm sure if I want to start doing it accidentally, since most times I'd prefer to wake up dry, then pee myself later when I feel more like it. I can't really sleep on anything other than an empty/emptyish bladder most of the time.

GenesisEx GenesisEx
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 7, 2010

Try it with a diaper on, too. That can be fun as well.