Am I Weird?

Ok, first let me explain: I am twenty three years old. I am married to a man. I am strait. But I prefer girls in wet pants and diapers. Not men. I prefer a man when it comes to being my daddy and taking care of me.
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

weirder is better :)

what a story to get randomly! i clicked to comment on a story which had not been commented on, and this is a good one for me.[see my name]. no! you are not weird at all! you are just a sensitive person with a lot of love to give. you are straight and like men, but i think you notice that many women are lonely and in need of love and your nurturing nature makes you want to diaper them so they can let go of their problems for a while and just let someone love them. i, however, happen to be weird.