Just Now!

So about a minute ago, I had to pee a lot and didn't want to use the toilet. So instead of using the toilet, I decided to pee in the sink. My parent's have a high sink so I went into my parents bathroom, squatted over the sink itself, and filled up the sink about halfway with my pee, and it was so relieving. Thankfully my parents weren't there, or else they'd hear my pee spraying in the sink. I'll be doing that more often!
xellexx xellexx
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I, also, enjoy peeing in sinks, either bathroom or kitchen. Of course, it is easier for me, as a male. Please consider adding me to your Circle. I would enjoy learning more about you and having friendly discussions.

You should! I take most of my pees in the sink, even at work if I can, I love watching it cascade down the sides, often splashing over some of the dishes ;). Have you ever peed in the kitchen sink?