Long Line

I remember being drunk when I got to the club and I remember continuing to drink, so this memory is a bit hazy for me. Anyway, when all the drink hit my bladder and when I couldn't stand it any more, I headed to the washrooms.

I'm used to seeing lineups for the women's bathroom, but there was a line for the mens at this club, I dutifully, if a bit spasmodically, waited in line and I remember that I was in really bad shape and was trying not to show it, but not being the one one. Several other guys were doing various pee dances including a a couple who had their hands on their crotch. There were probably 10 guys in line outside the door. I do remember the length of the line caused me great apprehension about the condition of my shorts.

When I got closer I realized that there was only one urinal and stall. The club wasn't huge, but there were hundreds of people there. That explained the problem. It was so bad that guys were ******* in the sink too, like it was perfectly natural. Of course with the mirror in front of the sink there was no privacy. You got to see everything! and close up too. This bathroom was tiny. Just big enough for the urinal, stall and sink. The first guy in line was practically rubbing elbows with the guy at the sink.

Thankfully I didn't draw the sink. I believe I got the urinal, but I did get to see three or four guys take their turn at the sink. A few refused, probably too shy, but the rest whipped it out like it was totally natural.
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I pee in the sink regularly when I'm at home. When I'm out in public, I wear an ADU [adult disposable underwear]. Whether one pees in a sink, urinal, or toilet, it all ends up in the same place, and water is saved by peeing in the sink and rinsing it out.

"Potty parity" is now the rule for new construction, with half as many fixtures for men as for women, so lines at the men's room are more common. The sinks are often pressed into service when there's a crowd, and even the waste baskets. Some guys aren't prepared for the lines, and having put off ******* until the last minute, they simply can't wait for a urinal.

In this case, I found out later that there were large bathrooms in the basement. Didn't find out till gettin back to the coat check at the end of the night though.

I was pretty glad to see them because I was so shy about either having to **** in the sink or being the guy who wussed out of peeing in the sink that I really had to ****. I do remember thinking that I would have to find a alley which isn't the kind of thing I usually do.