Gym Shower Pee

So, once you get used to peeing in the shower, after a while it becomes habit, and once you get in, you just can't hold back the flow.

I've recently joined a gym, and I've found that I can never hold my pee in the showers there! I pee every single time I shower there. Today after a particularly hard workout, I went to shower. I had been drinking a lot of water due to sweating a lot, and really, REALLY had to go. The showers are individual stone compartments with curtains. I went in and pulled the curtain across, ******** down, and I could barely get the water running before a torrent of **** came rushing out. It felt so good.

Anyone else have any stories about peeing in gym showers?
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I always pee when using an individual shower stall. At first I tried to be really discrete with noise and not making an obvious yellow streak in the drain trough. Then I started having a bit of fun: blasting the stall divider, the shower curtain (don't do that at home...your shower will smell like ****), peeing straight into the trough, going hands free.

In the communal shower, I only pee when I am the only one there or there is one other person at the opposite end. I either go hands free against the wall and hope nobody notices or straight into the drain.

OT: I have no reservations about spitting in the shower. Just spit can go anywhere. Phlegm is aimed at the drain.

I love doing this!<br />
<br />
I pee in the shower every single time I shower.<br />
Usually, my body realizes it's about to get some release, <br />
and I start trickling down my leg before I even turn the faucet on.<br />
It's an amazing feeling.

Any time I use an individual shower stall I always pee, I have even peed a few times in the group shower areas with other guys showering next to me!

I'm not a boy!

it must be fun to be a boy, on more than one occation I've stepped into the boys shower room at our neighborhood pool to hurry my boys along and walked in on a "peeing contest" of sorts. Locker room showers seem to be the place where boys are able to "see how far they can blast it" as you say. Some find it a bit crude, but all the neighborhood moms are aware of it and most of us feel it's just some harmless fun for the boys and let them be (not that we could stop them if we wanted to) <br />
ps... we do it as well, just discreetely through our swimsuits.

Once, i went to the gym. I had drank a LOT of water exercising, and as i went into the changing room's i extremely needed to go. Seeing no one in the shower, i took my jock strap off, went in, before turning on a head, and i saw how far i could blast it.

Never peed in a gym shower, but always take my morning pee in my own shower. When I was at college, I was always careful in the dormitory bathrooms to do it stealthy so nobody would know and be bothered by it. I would pee slowly so the water wouldn't turn yellow. I would put my penis between my thighs so it would trickle down my leg sometimes.

I always pee in the gym showers its so much fun seeing how high I can spray it too.