Moms Approve Of Boys Peeing In Locker Room Showers, Drains?

A few years ago when at our neighborhood pool I overheard my oldest son and his cousins speak of peeing in the showers of the change room. I didn't think much of it at first as I myself have often peed through my swimsuit discreetly as showering and I knew growing up that other girls did so as well. After a while I began to realize that the boys weren't just discretely peeing throught their shorts, but rather they were doing it in an obvious "peeing contest" way! Before saying anything to the boys I brought up the subject with my sister-in-law (as her boys were among them) and was surprised to hear that she thought nothing of it, "yeah I know, boys will be boys," she commented. I spoke to a few other moms there that summer and again none of them were surprised or at all concerned about it.

This summer I took our little preschool boy to swimming lessons at the pool along with a couple of the same moms and their little ones. As they're preschool boys the moms all go into the dressing shower room with the boys to help them change and use the rest room. On the very first day I was surprised to see one of the little boys standing in the showers peeing toward the drain. I didn't know the boy, but I expected to see his mother run over and stop him as mothers often do when their kids do somthing embarresingly wrong. A mom never came to him, but he finished an went back to his mom waiting for him. No one else looked surprised or commented and before long another boy I didn't know whispered something to his mom whom was new here. His mom said "oh I don't know son" and then announced, "anyone know where the toilets are, naturally he's gotta pee?" My neighbor responded, "oh, they're back as you came in, but I think most of the boys around here pee in the showers anyway." The other moms chuckled or smiled and two of them openly agreed, one saying something like, "that's for sure, they pick that up quick and once they have you're not gonna stop them." The mom of the boy who just peed in the shower commented, "oh, boy will be boys, what's the differance, it's easier to just let them go." The new mom speaking to everyone said, "well being new here I didn't want to offend anyone" and motioned to her son to go into the showers, "but in ______ we always let the boys go in the showers too." No one seemed offended or even surprised with the conversation and by the end of the week every little boy was going pee in the showers or even over drains and the moms are all content with it.

While I expected sooner or later my little boy would pick that up from his older brothers or other boys, I felt a bit awkward being the one to tell him to just go over a drain, but the other boys were doing so and I knew eventually he would anyway. I knew that other moms were aware of what boys did and turned a blind eye to it, but I was surprised that none of the dozen or more moms in there were hesitant to tell their boys to just pee over a drain.

I'm currious to hear where boys first heard of doing this, freinds, brothers, parents. Guys, I'm currious if your parents are aware of where you pee and what moms and dads have to say about it. I'm currious about how bold the guys are about it, do you do it in front of anyone, just friends, do you tell about doing so. What would you're parrents, coaches, teachers say or do they know?
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Never did it, never saw anyone else doing it, never heard anyone talk about it.

Really, I wasn't surprised, but a bit concerned about my older boys doing it so openly in the locker room, however everyone I've discussed it with, men, boys, even moms acted as if it was perfectly normal. I find it hard to believe you've never witnessed this.

Obviously my neighbor learned this disgusting habit as a kid. I can smell his foul pissy shower drain everytime they shower. The place is a rental, hopefully they move soon.

How do you know it is from the shower drain?
How do you know it is because of ****?
Maybe they need help locating the source of the smell, like a broken sewer pipe?

you misspelled friends, in the last paragraph

When I was about 3, our family lived in a trailer. Dad and I would walk to the common shower house. At that age, my eyes were about the level of my dad's penis. Dad would pee in the shower, but I don't remember him aiming for anything particular, nor did he say anything about doing it. It was just a natural think to do. I do remember he had a bifurcated stream, and it took me years to figure out how that happened.

I'm not surprised that women would find that an activity worth a discussion. Girls are typically raised to believe that anything that comes from "down there" is dirty, and not to touch or play with it.

I have seem moms in places like China direct their young sons to pee into planter boxes or drains along the sidewalks. To this day, I pee outside whenever it is convenient. I just try not to offend an observer, but otherwise I don't care if I'm seen.

It's very common for guys. I can't recall when I first saw it, but I do recall doing so gradually. First through my swimsuit in the showers, then over the top. I was always really hesitant to just do it over a drain, although other boys did so, I was always afraid of being caught by someone. As I got older, the guys my age became less apt to do so and I limited it to when I knew I was alone. Mind you, no one ever ob<x>jected and my mom never knew. Just recently however, my mom and I were the last to leave our neighborhood pool one night. Neither of us having clothes to change into, my mom aparently chose to save a few extra steps and walk through the mens room behind me, not expecting me to be changing. The urge hit me as I was walking and being we were the last to leave I didn't think twice about just emptying my bladder onto the floor as I walked into the dressing area. To my great surprise, when I looked up there was my mom walking through the door! I froze up and stopped midstream, but my mom smiled and said something like, "oh, don't let me interupt you, I knew you didn't have clothes to change, so I though I'd take a short cut." I was embarrased and I assumed she would be as well and expected her to walk through and wait out front for me. Instead to my surprise she just walked past and behind me and continued to talk to me. She went on to say, "I have to say I'm surprised though, I'd often heard that many boys use the floor, but you've always been so shy about going in public, I never would have guessed." I was still standing there motionless, now with my back to mom as she went on saying, "anyway, finish up and let's get going." I reluctantly, began to pee again in shy on and off again spirts. Mom commented, "I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, there's nothing wrong with you doing it here, I just didn't expect to see it, but go ahead." I couldn't believe all these years of being cautious and mom's fine with it!

Being a guy, who played several sport throughout middle and high school, it is common. Usually, i would go in the shower if i was crunched on time, but when i was younger i would challenge my friends to see who could hit the drain(which was very far away from the shower head).<br />
<br />
But yes, i picked it up when i was around 10 after many ba<x>seball practices. My coach approved of it, so what the hell lol.<br />
<br />
In school, most of the boys including me were pretty open to saying ( i need to pee bad) sometimes when i was in elementary, we would have contests to see who could pee farthest from the urinal.<br />
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My dad knows, he doesn't care for it. My mom i think knows, but hasn't said a word about it. Now that i'm older, i try holding until i can get to a urinal or toilet, but sometimes you just gotta go.