Best Bath Ever

This may be sort of a graphic story, but it will be a sexy one. So, I'm very into peeing, and the tub is my favorite place to pee. I had the best tub pee tonight.

I went into the bathroom and ******** off all my clothes. I stepped into the tub, and squirted a bit because I was super desperate. I wanted enough pee in me for a long tub pee. I had 3 new positions in mind to try out, but I was just so desperate I had to let some out before I could even think about the new positions. I got on all fours, lifted one leg and peed! Instantly a huge torrent of pee gushed out. I quickly stopped it, I didn't want all of it released, just a bit. Then it was time for fun:

Position 1: Even though i had relieved some pressure, I was still squirming and spurting. I curled up into a ball and laid on my back. I tilted my butt up in the air a bit so my pee would go on my stomach. I released a big stream of pee that flowed down my stomach on trickled on my breasts. I stopped after a few seconds so I could try the others.

Position 2:
I pushed my butt against the side of the tub and tilted it upward. Pee began to gush from my privates and into my tummy and breasts. I peed for a while like this because I was enjoying the strong gush of ****.

Position 3:
I laid on my back and put my legs straight up in the air, and into a V shape. This one was so pleasant. A strong stream of pee shot straight up in the air and splashed back on to my body. I finished my pee like this, spurting into the air.

Afterwards, I took a bath. Once back in my room, I squatted down to reach my bra drawer and released the last drops of pee in my bladder onto the rug.

It was such an enjoyable bath!
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

I'm into peeing too. Great story!

Id say .... ;-)