Yes I Do

It's healthy, natural and relaxing. It's going to be rinsed away anyway.

Now, I do have a few rules about it. I will not pee in a shower I'm sharing with people I respect. Say I'm showering at the home of a relative or friend, I won't. Or if I'm in some locker room or communal living area without privacy.

In my own home shower, or in some kind of a locker room with private showers that get scrubbed everyday, I release. I only do so while the water is actually running, so I don't get a urine smell in the shower. I don't take sit-down baths very often, but when I do I will release in the water as it goes down the drain. Also in a hotel if I am not sharing the room I will release there.

Come to think of it, I pee in the shower at work because the showers are private and cleaned nightly.

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2009

i love peeing in the shower feels good and u dont make a mess and the water wahses it down teh drain

Doesn't everyone pee in the shower, at least at home? I dont like stepping out of the shower and walking 8 steps to the toilet and getting everything wet on the way. Everything gets instantly rinsed away so what is the big deal.

i pee in the shower, it takes less time than sitting down to pee then getting in the shower wetting my hair ect. this way i get my hair wet while i pee :)

I pee in the shower too, but I pee in just about any shower. Bladder calls, I answer! lol