A few days ago I was back in the little café where I had a nice p-session at two days in row (on the second day two women noticed my p.ss dripping and making a puddle under my chair).
The waitress who smiled at me last time as I was so naughty was there. I had on the ripped jeans with the many many holes everywhere in the fabric, underneath a fishnet hose on. I p.ssed a lot onto my jeans while sitting outide at one of the little tables (there sat only a few other guests inside, I saw them and the two waitresses through the window pane). Later she smiled at me again as the gl.ns of my h.rd-on was poking out through one of the holes, I dared to show her again! As she noticed it she stopped talking to me, then just 2-3 seconds later she continued and smiled at me. There was another female employee working inside behind the counter and I know that she told her because I heard them both giggle after I left the café. On next occasion I will hopefully dare to p.ss on myself in front of her, and mayby if I dare I also will ple.sure myself in front of her...

PS: half an hour later in a big grocery store I p.ssed my pants a few times again while strolling through the aisles (I made a little puddle somewhere on the floor). I had the chance to let it flow into my ripped jeans in front of a pretty cashier girl, so I did it obvously - and she smiled at me... :)
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Can I lick it up for you