Diapers in the 80`s vs diapers in the 2000´s.

Today it is much more funnier and safer flooding diapers because you can flood current diapers much longer than before when the material in the older diapers was not as great as it is today. I remember in the middle of 80´s when there was a diaper called Krabat Maxi. This diaper was formerly purchasing in regular grocery stores and I was very fascinated by the diaper thickness and material of the diaper was as much as 5 cm thick! When I picked it out of its packaging. I was also very curious to flood the sharply to test its suction. A few days afterwards, I would at an office party with my former job and it was a good fit to test the diaper then. I made myself prepared for the evening and put on my 3 pc Krabat Maxi simultaneously to inundate them throughout the evening, which lasted well into the morning the next day. A single diaper was thus 5 cm thick and I had 3 pieces Krabat Maxi ie, 15 cm to flood. The first flood came a while after the welcome drink and after a few minutes was the diapers again quite properly flooded.

Now the Krabat Maxi diapers properly flooded twice in a fairly short time but they were still really dry and did not feel wet. I was actually very surprised by suction, since there was no gel pads inside the diapers as it is today, but only 100% fluff pulp which really only consists of wood chips. When I had flooded Krabat Maxi diapers a couple more times, we would sit around a couple of long tables and eat good food but then, I was a little worried that the diapers would leak, I did not have any extra diapers to trade. I also knew that I have a very large and plump rump and buttocks a flood far beyond diapers. But I ignored completely in this and sat on one of the wooden benches nearest the exit. I suspect that now have diapers to be even thicker than before so I knew after a little discreet before I sat down and sure enough they were now even thicker, estimated at about 8 cm thick!

There was a tormenting long-drawn muffled creaking when my big broad butt diapers completely surrounded and slowly squeezed the diapers together. The sound was very loud and I was a little worried again that someone else would hear when the diapers were squeezed but no one heard anything. Suddenly I noticed a warm damp puddle on the counter and floor. I knew that the diapers had been pressed so hard that the urine was pressed outward instead of downward into the diapers. This was very annoying and embarrassing. The rest of the evening was ruined because of this and my jeans were completely soaked through. I was very sorry for that and went home in soaking wet jeans. When I finally was home I took off my the wet jeans and tight, and flooded the diapers, but I could still feel some sense of power and superiority when I saw that 3 diapers in each 8 cm had been squeezed into one small mass of only 1.5 mm, and the two top diapers had been squeezed into the lowermost diaper which of course was also squeezed to only 1.5 mm.
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May 5, 2012