This Was No Accident

I was 16 and went to the mall with a friend I really had to pee but held it because I really wanted to pee my panties so when I got to the mall she said her bf was there and she was going to go meet up and would see me later and that was when I had some privacy I went into a shoe store with not many people and I asked a lady to fit me for a pair of shoes and while she was checking my size I thought this was the perfect time to let go  I had to go alot it was flowing out of me fast and heavy it was running down my legs like crazy I heard a little moan / grunt in discust from her she flicked her hands and said excuse me I need to wash up and another woman came to help me she said it happens to everybody and I said no it's a fetish of mine and she said oh really and I'm like yup and she said I kinda want to try it so I waited till she got off work and said we have to find a good store to go in and we went into a semi crowded store but it was more empty and I said squat down and relese and she said ok then I began to see a puddle on the floor and then I heard groan moan and fart and I asked her what she was doing and she said well I peed I might as well poop too and so I pooped too then we went up to the manager and said we had a little accident back there then left she has been my best friend ever sence that day and we both poop and pee in our panties tomorrow we are eating so much and drink so much that we might explode then we are going to put on white short shorts on and load our pants and pee our pants maybe in a library or something and walk around town for the rest of the day in our messy pants I will write about it tomorrow evening
Pooperdooper123 Pooperdooper123
1 Response Jan 8, 2012

Thats how I feel, Im alredy wet, whats wrong with a littlie poop. Whatcould it hurt?