Peed On My Pad With My Friend

Okay so we were driving home from dinner it was me and a friend I was spending the night at her house. So it was like a 30 min drive back to her house and about ten mins in I really had to pee bad so I was like hey Annie Mae I really gotta pee bad and she asked her mom if we could stop
She told her she had to use the bathroom and I did too so her mom was like can you girls hold it we were like yeah but I knew I couldn't so u was like to Annie Mae hey I have a pad on and I really gotta go bad. She was like just go on you pad if you can't hold it you can just borrow another one from me when we get home. So I started to pee and surprisingly the huge over night pad held it all. So we got home and me and Annie Mae went up to her room she went to pee and I just waited in her room for her to come out she had her own bathroom in her room so she came out then I went in changed pads we watched a movie then went to bed. She fell asleep first then i fell asleep but before I fell asleep I decided to try the hand in warm water prank on her and it totally worked so I just went to bed after that but we both woke up and noticed we had both wet the bed. Then she joked about how much lemonade we had drank the night before and that was probably it. So the end please comment
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The citrus of lemonade is a bladder irritant, so your friend's theory could hold water, no pun intended!