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Peeing My Pants And Panties

I love going outside wearing jeans or shorts or just my panties and a tshirt and peeing in them. I love them warm feeling of my pee running down my legs ummm. I wanna do it in public where people can see me pee my jeans, but I am to afraid. I get so horny when I pee my pants. And I love to watch others pee there pants too.
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Nice, I like wetting myself in the yard too, especially when it's very cold outside and you can see the steam rising off the wetness.

I love to soak myself while outside of my house in my own yard, but I don't think i'll ever have the nerve to do it in public where I can be seen

i would love to lick your wet panties while your peeing and after your done getting them all nice and wet......yummy !

I've wet myself many times in public. I try very hard to keep it a secret. I think I understand the thrill of being caught, or being seen, but that is the part I don't want. I am quite happy to pee my panties and walk around with nobody but me to know. Wearing skirts and dresses makes this very easy to do.

doing it in public adds such a thrill to the situation....just gotta be careful not to get caught unless thats what you want : )

Try somewhere crowded at first, like a pop concert, where people are packed too close together to notice, or at dusk, when it will be more difficult to see, or when it's raining, & it you jeans might get wet anyway - or just go for it

I live in Florida and walking down the beach on a warm night is a great place to pee your pants. Can you get to a beach?

do you ever do it in pantyhose? i love to see it trickle down the legs

Mmmmmmmm very nice indeed!!!!

I agree. In public adds a whole new dimension and excitement!!!