Mother Taught Me How to Pee In the Woods.

The story I want to write, involves my mother explaining to me about squatting and peeing when out in the woods, or country, away from peoples.

You see, my parents went camping, and hiking, a lot when I was a kid. and my mother was a bit exasperated in the way I was consistently wetting my panties.  So this one time while we were out walking a trail.  My mother stopped me, told father to go on ahead.

She squatted down, facing me, so we were eye to eye and told me how disappointed she was in me wetting all the time.  I was rather damp at the moment and had to poop but I didn't tell her that.  She rattled on like that for a bit, and I was trying not to look at other stuff. I think I might have put my hand at my crotch cause she said stop that and watch me.

She told me that if I had to pee in a situation like we were in, I should squat, like she was, reach under my skirt and pull my panty to the side and pee.  She demonstrated and I actually watched her pull the crotch of her panty to the side and pee.  I was horrified at the prospect but she made me do as she said.  So I squatted, pulled the crotch of my panty to the side, and I even managed to start dribbling.  Satisfied, she stood up and looked away and told me to finish up so we could catch up with father.  Well, she wasn't looking and I hated having my panty like that so I straightened it underneath me, and finished peeing properly, through my panty.  Soon I finished and stood, off we went.

Before we had gone far, the poop let me know it was coming.  I had been careful not to poop in my panties before and was starting to worry about what to do here in the wild.  Mother noticed me walking slowly, and said now what is the matter. I guess she figured it out by the look on my face. She said something about getting off the path,and pulling my panties down, but before she finished, so had I.  It was fast, a quick soft dump in my panties.  I started crying knowing I was going to get spanked, or worse.  Exasperated, she told me to pull out the back of my panty and dump it out.  I did, but I was still dirty. She made me walk on saying we would get me cleaned up when we found a toilet.

Luckily, we found a stream before then and I got to go in and clean up wearing only my panties. Mother and I pretended I was going for a swim which satisfied my father.

ok, another incident happened a few years later, I ran into the house needing to poop but my father was in the bathroom.  My mother and I stood in the hall, me dancing in agony, she telling me it would be all right, I had already started crying, cause I knew I couldn't hold it.  yeah, I filled my panties again, and that time it was a real good thing I had a bathroom to clean up in.

For those of you who enjoy that kind of stuff, I have tried it a few times, when I was older, and on purpose.  I admit I did enjoy the feeling of soft mushy poop filling my panties, but I did not like the smell or the cleaning up so I don't do it any more.


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Thanks dwp1200 <br />
I've always wondered and thought perhaps more women would pee through their panties as you say, than to reach under and expose themselves. In a way that kind of justifies my preferring to wet than pull aside my panty.

Interesting experience, and totally the opposite of one that I had. When I was young, we moved into a rural area, with a lot of farming, and a school that had too few facilities. I found out talking to some of the girls that I became friends with, that their mother's used to teach them to pee through their panties, because it was better than exposing themselves in public. It was also not unusual for women to squat while working in the fields, and let go through their panties, under their dress if they were wearing such.

the cleanup is the worse so if you do it on purpose make sure you a mommy or bigsister or daddy bigbrother to help and so much more fun with some one else

Rachel74 : i discovered my interest in this theme a day i was in a boat with my cousin (we were both 12 year old) and i saw that the bottom of her panties (she had left her skirt to not wet) toned a little brown stain that get a little bigger. I was so aroused by the idee that my beautifull cousin had a bit pooped her panties for my eyes, that the same evening i discovered the pleasures of ************. To your information, she get away with her little accident with no one noticing it behalve me. But i was to shy to say anything. I well didn't leave her from my regard and i noticed, that she continiously touched her bottom and took her skirt away from her certainly squishy ***. Since this moment, i have always observed my cousin and other girls if they touched the bottom of her pants. For my it was (and it is) a sign of a probably "little" accident in her pants. I could tell more experiences i had. Please accept me in your circle as a friend. I'm not here to offense anyone, but only to have contact with like minded people. And please excuse my bad english. I speek german, french and dutch very well, but my english is not good.

My other lives,<br />
I explored the why in other stories. I spent years questioning myself, wondering what and why. My conclusion was complicated. Early on I hated anyone knowing I needed to use the toilet. I was very shy and having someone even know I was in the bathroom was too much for me. Many times I found other ways to relieve myself, anything to hide having to pee. Also, convenience wetting, not wanting to stop what I was doing, just to go pee. I was always wearing skirts or dresses so that was the easiest thing to do. I was wetting and liked being wet before junior high and never got out of it. I really liked being sneaky about it too.<br />
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It is one thing to wet my panties, but filling them with poop was never something I really wanted to do. I mean, I could walk around wearing wet panties, but fill them with poop and everyone knows!

Very hot. I like the poo reference in your post. I have always been turned on by girls who had pooped her pants or at least had poo stains in her panties.Have you also poo stains in your panties from time to time ? Please accept me in your circle to become friends. I would like to tell tou more about my experiences.

Your story about your mother reminded me of the time my mother took a group of 4H's girls (including me) to this large estate to see the flower gardens. I was in 5th grade before I had my wetting problem. The people who owned the property opened it up to the public a few times each year. The problem was that since it was a private residence there were no facilities. It was a bright sunny early Summer day and there were a whole lot of people there. One of the girls had need to pee so my mother told us all to gather around the girl in a circle facing away from her. We were out on a grassy area. She thought the girl would have the sense to pull her pants and panties down since basically no one would see her. But she didn't and ended up peeing through both of them. My mother couldn't believe it when she turned and saw she was wet to her ankles. Some of the other girls started teasing her and my mother had to take her back to the parking lot. She asked me what I would've done and I told her that, knowing no one would see me, I would've pulled both my panties and pants down. It seemed like the natural thing to do. It certainly isn't what I'd do today :-)