Wet While Shopping

I stopped today to shop for groceries. Already damp from leaking a bit on the way to the store, I walked in right passed the restrooms, got my shopping cart, and proceeded to start shopping. As I was in the produce section, I started letting a little out, right into my pants. I continued on to the vegetables, and let some more out. By the time I got to the dairy section, I could feel the wetness down my calves. Oh, but that feels so good. I continued with the rest of my shopping, all the while leaking a little more as I went. Every so often, I'm pretty sure that I left little droplets behind me. When I was finished shopping, I went to check out. I got in line behind another women, who had a cart just overloaded with stuff, so I had to wait for awhile While standing there, leaking a bit, and enjoying the feeling, the women commented that I really looked nice. She said it was a surprise to see a guy dressed so nice. We talked a bit, while she was checked out, and then it was my turn. All of this time, I was still leaking a little bit at a time. She said to me, "Good by handsome", and left (That gave me a thrill. Here I am, totally soaked, and not only did she not notice it, but was giving me a compliment). Well, I finished checking out, and went out to the car, and loaded my stuff up. Again, leaking the whole time. Then it was time to go. Me, my groceries, and my wet pants and all. Here I sit, the groceries are unloaded, and put away, and I am entering my story, with my wet pants still on. And, I am leaking again. Life is so good.

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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Thank you for that fantastic awesome story!<br />
I love it to pee my tight light-blue girls-jeans in grocery stores in checkout line...

Great story. Nothing nicer than dribble *******. I start with an empty bladder and so guarantee that the first few dribbles are small and well controlled. But I also drink a lot, so the dribbling gradually changes till when I am bladder full, pee is spurting out every time I move. <br />
I used to try to hide the wet marks, but now I don't mind being seen, especially by my wife; it only adds to my degradation.

Did it again. Stopped in after work to do a quick shopping. Had to pee, so I dribbled in my pants during the entire time while shopping. Dripped quite a bit on the floor in spots, and was soaked by the time I checked out. <br />
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