A Scary & Fun Public Accident

Last night I went to a haunted corn maze with some friends.  I had wanted to have a very public accident for quite some time and I thought what a better place.  Just go with a full bladder and have the **** scared out of you.  So, we all went to the maze.  When it was our time to go in, my bladder was quite full.  I had to pee pretty bad.  We start in.  The first scare came not 30 feet into the corn maze.  Not being prepared for it, I actually did pee just a little on accident.  I laughed as we walked away, because I actually did have a little pee scared out of me into my pants.  So now I was preparing to let it all go.  We walked on in the darkness.  We had several more scares.  None that were as great as I hoped.  Then it happened.  This creature popped out of the corn quietly.  He snuck up behind us and as he turned on a tazzer to make that pop noise he grabbed a couple of us.  I was one that he grabbed.  I jumped out of my skin.  I then just let it go.  Full force!  As I jumped away from him, I grabbed my crotch.  I was totally filling my jeans with warm ****.  I could feel it soaking through my jeans and running down my legs.  My friends all looked around at me as I stood there holding myself soaking my jeans.  They asked if I was OK, and I told them no (even though I was ok and loving it).  I looked up and said I just peed in my pants.  They all kinda looked at me and then giggled a bit.  I took my hands away from my crotch and just stood there for a second.  They all said, it's no big deal.  We continued on our walk through the maze.  I would let a little out here and there as we continued our haunted tour.  At the end we came out and were greeted by a man that was boarding us back on the hayride for the start.  I was then back in the lights and my wet jeans were really shining.  He looked at me and asked if I had peed my pants.  I told him yes and kinda laughed.  He then told me I was the 7th person to pee their pants that night.  He said that 4 women and 3 men, including me had peed their pants in the maze.  I was really turned on by this.  I was thinking, damn he must have a great job seeing 7+ pants wettings a night.  That would be HOT!  So as we exited the hay ride back at the start of the maze where everyone is gathered I get off and walk back into the crowd.  People are pointing and looking at me.  I see several of them looking and giggling.  I just basked in my glory of wet jeans.  I had done it.  I had a public accident that was being witnessed by almost a hundred or so people.  It was so great.  Such a turn on!  I had peed in my pants while with some friends and it had been seen by a lot of people.  So if you want to have a public and fun accident, go to a haunted house, forest, corn maze, or whatever they have in your area.  Go get the **** scared out of you and into your pants. 

wetjeanstn wetjeanstn 31-35, M 6 Responses Oct 5, 2008

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hey emily! I would luv to hear some of your stories. can u e-mail me, i cannot send u a message, but u can me.

how do u get waway with peeing your pants in school. dont they make fun of you and stuff? or do you hide it as best you can, like i try to?

anyway, please write me some time!

I love to pee at school, especailly when theres like a hard test and blame it on that! even when its an easy test i'll play dumb and just start *******! Even the thought just made me **** right now! I love to pee in my pants soooo much i became so addicted i'll do it unnoticeingly and just live in peed pants! I especailly do it when I read HOT stories like these it just makes me want to feel the warm sensation i know your feeling at that moment! I love wet pants!

wow, that does sound like the perfecty place with the perfect excuse. I woulda peed my pants jus coz there were no bathrooms close by, but to blame it on being scared, cool, great idea.

You said you peed infront of hundred of people? wow, thats scary. I peed already cheering infront of tons of people, thats REALLY scary. Omg, i was so embarassd. the only good things were that i didnt have to pee anymore and that the skirt hid the evidence until i jumped, lol. ye, i peed a few more times then coz i was already wet, but i sat down for those!

ask me about the hayrieds, thats a great place!


Cool experience.