Holding It

ok today I wanted to try to just have fun on holding it but at the end i wet also! n_n so i woke for school without going pee and it wasn't to hard but after lunch drinking milk 2 bottles of milk like I do i felt uncomfortable now. After 4th period I was trying to concentrate on the teacher but kept squirming in my seat. My friend even asked if I was ok but I told her I was just trying to stay awake by moving around.....Finally at 5th period the bell rang to go home but my bus was second bus call so I had to wait pretending to read a book but I was holding my self bouncing now. thats when I felt the first leak I was so freaked I was going to wet in front of the whole class I jumped up so quickly that everyone looked at me funny but i stopped leaking thankfully.

now my bus was called and the whole ride my friend kept bothering me asking what was wrong but I just said  I didn't feel good but now leaks were coming out at every bump and my bookbag on my lap pushing on my full bladder wasn't helping but it felt soooo good so i kept it there. When I got home I had to go around my house cause the front door was locked but I had an small spot on my jeans now and I barley walked in my living room when i doubled over gripping myself legs crossed trying to control the urge to wet all over the carpet then i realized i wasn't going to make it to the bathroom so I  at lest made it to  the dinning room were I couldn't stain the floor  and waited ....I was started to think that maybe I could make it upstairs but when I uncrossed my legs It was like an stream going down my legs I kept my hands in between my legs  feeling the warm pee soak all over them watching the floor get soaked to a huge puddle!

For the next 40 mins I been wearing the same jeans just wetting them every time it get cold

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I think maybe this is your best story.<br />
I might be good to mark it as your "feature" story or something.<br />
Thank you for all those little details: it's what makes reading this stuff so great.

Yeah, great to hear from you again. Awesome storey ;).

Yeah, great to hear from you again. Awesome storey ;).

amazing story I need to do that sometime

glad to hear a new story from you! i wish i could do that

glad to hear a new story from you! i wish i could do that

Very cool story! Thanks!

thanks everone! i missed being on here so much!

Sweeeet. While it's fun to hold it....I never make it to the point if flooding out on its own, cause I like being wet so much that I can't wait that long. And after holding a while, you do get really hydrated, and backed up, so even after you pee, there are always a few more squirts at the ready.