I Peed On My Boyfriends Lap

Hello again... I want to tell you what happened today.

As you all know by now I'm pregnant. Well I was sitting on my sofa and my boyfriend was beside me rubbing my swollen belly when I had to pee. I needed to go very desperatly but I had had no warning!! My baby started to kick at that point which didn't help. It felt like it was doing and Irish Celí on my bladder. I told my boyfriend I had to go, badly and he eased me on to his lap. I asked what he was doing and he said he thought I looked super sexy and that he wanted me to pee on him. I said ok and let it rip. Suddenly mid flow the baby kicked and I nearly jumped and with the shock of that my boyfriend was peeing. I stood up still peeing and he stood up too. I looked down at his privates and he looked at mine. He put his hand on my privates and I put my hand on his. It was so sexy. Later after we'd both stopped we drank a ton of water and when we both had to pee we got undressed into just our underwear and hugged and kissed each other. Then he lay on the bed and I tried with dificulty to lie on him. Then we counted to 3 and started to pee on each other. I felt so sexy (which is hard to be when you're nearly 8 months pregnant). Well I think all couples should try that. A little later when my boyfriend went to work I kept wetting myself. I had a 2 litre bottle of water and I drank the lot. It was a rush. I just carried out my normal tasks while wetting myself. When my boyfriend got home I didn't hear him come in and when he walked into the kitchen I got such a fright I started peeing. He ran over and put his hand on my privates. Then he started to pee. He put my hand on his privates. It was the best day ever!! Well thats all!! Any comments??

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11 Responses Mar 27, 2010

I think this story is very hot and sexy. I'm so happy to read that men can enjoy this and he asked. My husband and I want to be like you two freely and happy wetting ourselves and each other rest of our lives.


That was great. Hope you're still having fun.

What gender is your baby?

I have two girls :)

Are you going to introduce wetting oneself to your daughters as well?


Wow..Great that you 2 found each other & enjoy wetting your pants together..Wish I had a partner like you...

I wanna try!!!!!

been there done it love it

Yeah i know he always says how lucky he is to have me

LUCKY ******* BOYFRIEND....that's all I have to say!

Thanks and me and my darling boyfriend still do this all the time