The Other Day

The other day I was at my house by myself and I had been aware of my wetting fetish for a while and I decided that I would wet today. So I prepared by drinking 4 bottles of water and 2 cans of Mt. Dew. I put in a pair of jeans that were pretty tight and waited. After about two maybe three hours I was moving around alot uncontrolably. I finally got myself up to my feet and I went outside for some daily activities. I spent maybe 30 minutes outside and I heard the phone ring, I answered. And while talking to this telemarketer I was holding myself hoping they would get off the phone. Eventually I was in so much pain I hung the phone up and tryed to make my way to the bathroom. I had decided that I was going to set on the tiolet and wet there. Once I got to the bathroom I had an idea. I could go to my nieghbors house. Which is a very pretty woman, and act like I accidently locked my self out of the house even though there was a hidden key. But anyway go to her house and ask her to use her bathroom. Once I got there she answered the door and said "Can I help you" and I told her I was locked out of the house and that I needed to use her bathroom and she said "Come on in" and when I stepped in the door, I immediatly let out out a small stream of urine. And she said "Oh my god you better hurry" and when I tryed running I let it all out. Soaking the front side of my jeans. She stood there in shock for a moment and then looked at me and started laughing. She said "Honey it's okay, it happens to me all the time." I asked her what she meant and she said she has accidents because of a bladder control problem and that made me feel alot better. But anyway she cleaned me up and said that I could stay there until I got a key into the house. While I was there I actually admitted to her about my fetish. And she didn't seem to suprised. But that was a really good expirence. I had never done that in front of anyone before.
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well thanks everyone but i'm not a chick

dont think id have the cuts to althoug hmy naighbout r is a 90 yearold women i suspect shed tell my dad if i did that

wow great story well done chick its brialliant