Good Ways to Pee Yourself Without Anyone Realising

Just going by what I do ok?

At work sometimes I want to pee without people realising.. there's a couple of things you can do here, if you're a girl obvious, wear a skirt and sit somewhere.. just go, I guarantee nobody will notice if you are sitting down, though it does depend on how much you pee, another thing to do is wear a very long skirt... if you want to stand up, do it somewhere inconspicous... like in a corner etc.. much easier for girls to do this.  If you're a guy like me its different  can't wear a skirt for one.

Ok..guys, so if you want to pee, here's a trick that works, if you press yourself right against your thigh, it will run right down, it might soak you a bit below the knee or your socks but not many people will realise what you've done.  Try it.  Wear loose pants though. 

There was a good one I did, I was desperate so I knelt down as if to tie a shoelace and I peed, the only thing with this is there is a loud hissing noise but you can combat that.. if you're outside people just think you're tying a shoelace.. make sure you have a long coat or something that covers everything.

Sit on a bench - this is a good one, don't look as if you're peeing just sit there.. it'll go through your pants and straight down, the worst you'll get is a wet crotch but it won't be noticeable. Lean forward a bit.. the evidence of course will be under the bench.

Just do it, I'm telling you this is a classic.. you are talking with someone etc..they aren't looking at your crotch, so just do it.. 9 times out of ten you'll get away with it.





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I did this but so no one at all notices. put toilet paper in your undies

This is good advice.I did this at work once. I was on site and desperate, nowhere to go so I did up my shoelace and just released it while I was tieing it. It soaked my dark blue cords to the knee, but by the time I got back to the office you could hardly tell so I just carried on working, no problem. It doesn't smell nearly as much as people make out either, especially once its dry.

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If you are a girl (like me) use pads to soak up the pee, it totes works! For guys I suggest go to a tree/bush and open you zip just the right size for your penis to fit through, not too obvious that You are peeing, and just go. Act like you are bird watching or having some me-time.Or you could try the plastic bag trick. Tie a plastic bag around you like a adult nappie/ diaper, make sure it is secure so it won't escape from the bag. Just go pee and when you are finished run to the toilets and take you trousers off and take the bag off. Drain the pee down the loo and hide the bag somewhere. Or go to beach, dig a hole, put a blanket around you, place your penis in the hole and pee. Hope this helps. Good luck ******* dude! X

Hmmm - "nine times out of 10" and the tenth time - that's the turn on will I get caught this time?
I get wet just thinking about it - and not with pee!

I'm a girl and I will not wear a skirt. Ever. Got any advise?

Wear black jeans or trousers....

google it on google... where else would you google...
there are some great advises there...
but when you do it, record it and send it to me :P

These are hot tips!

If you're wearing running shorts, you can pee discreetly by slipping your penis down the leg hole. Try sitting in the grass and pretending to stretch your hamstring muscles. I have seen photos of professional athletes doing this. Or if you're riding a bike, do the same thing. You don't even have to stop the bike!

smart, im gonna have to wear skirts more often now

getting caught .. seriously.. B CAREFUL PPL

Reading this makes me so happy that i'm a girl. I actully understand how to do the skirt trick ( although, almost anyone can its quite simple ), and the male mecenisims for descreately peeing sound a bit more complicated. Anyway, Im at my house and I really have to pee, its so bad i dont think I will make it to the toilet. Help....................

That raises the question why girls are usually so much more picky than guys about location and how most say they "need" a toilet or something to sit on. Luckily some (like the ones in this group) aren't like that

That's hot

just pee if you are at your house because you can change your pants but if someone is with you then pee on the couch


than send it to me :P

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I agree on the black polyester trousers one. I had a black suit on at work once and the trousers were polyester. I needed to pee when I was out so just did it in my trousers as I assumed it wouldn't show. Later when I was in town I heard 2 guys behind me talking. One said to the other one 'that bloke in front in the suit has p***ed himself.' I realised that the pee just show more than I thought, especially outside in daylight. It was quite a turn on though!

Nappies (diapers) are the easy way. You can wet yourself and nobody else know! And the warmth stays with you,for longer than wetting anything else.

Like some other men on here I wear polyester trousers for this purpose. I suspect that's why a lot of men my age like to wear them. They're so easy to wash and drip-dry when you've wet them and if you do it in public they dry out within minutes. I keep the old ones for gardening in and just go when I need to. It saves the bother of changing my muddy gardening shoes to go indoors to use the toilet.

Gardeners -pee fans or not - should always pee on the compost heap, the ammonia really helps to break down plant matter.

You are quite right of course and I do pee on the compost heap, but if neighbours are around I pee in my trousers

sure, im a guy, but by simple commen sense its easy to figure out ways for a girl to pee secretly. (carry a paper cup with you), (wear a skirt or dress).<br />
1. take off underwear (place them in your purse)<br />
2. stealthily place the cup where your pee comes out<br />
3. hold the cup by squeezing your legs slightly together (dont squeeze to tightly or your cup will break), (you can skip step 3 if you just hold your cup with your hands but it will be harder to hide what your doing).<br />
4. pee-let it go-if its loud let it out slowly, make sure your cup is big enough<br />
5. stealthily remove cup<br />
6. find a place to garbage the contents of the cup, and the cup if you want

I think I might try that, If i'm ever in desperation that is.

Do tell me how it turns out please

Ive done it soooo many times its like im an xpert at peing in a cup!!

I'm a girl. I don't have a skirt nor would I ever wear one.

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I loved reading about your discreet pees, cc1144. That is so hot. <br />
<br />
wettingtim, wish I had been that female friend! The day would have turned out very different. :)

it was a friday night very late i was dying for a pee in<br />
my brand new jeans i tryed all the descreate holding<br />
i was to desprate to wait i was doing a sexy peepee <br />
dance and a soooo hot guy picked me up i knew him <br />
from school and we were in love so we went to his house<br />
he rubbed my bladder on the way and then we started<br />
snogging in the back and i forgot about my desperation <br />
on the way home i went in to a shadowed area and pulled <br />
down my trowsers and peed

Her loss Tim, hope you find a gf that will play along.<br />
<br />
I go for the long skirt approach. That works for me.

Be careful of the dark trousers. I was out with a female friend and we were shopping. I had to pee and was feeling abnormally horny. I decided that since I had black jeans on that I could do small spurts in my pants and she wouldn't know. It would be hidden. I thought my plan was working. I'd do a little leak here and there but It only showed for the second that I actually peed and would quickly soak back into my pants and not be noticable. Two things:<br />
First, It only made my actual need to go MUCH worse. I ended up having a full blown accident as we were leaving the store and entering the parking lot.<br />
Two, she had actually noticed me peeing in the store a couple of times. <br />
When I walked out of the store and I literaly couldn't hold it anymore, I just let lose and fully peed my pants. My friend was pretty annoyed. I told her that I couldn't hold it and that I was sorry. She asked why I didn't go to the toilet in the store. She told me that she noticed that I was peeing in my pants a couple of times in the store. She said it wasn't that noticable but she had caught a glimpse of me as I peed. She said she saw me pee a couple of times. <br />
So if you are trying to be descreit, make sure that you don't get so caught up in it that you are actually being noticed. She was not a happy camper. Unfortunatley, she never saw me after that.

another trick is to wear black polyester slacks. they do not show the wet spot

Well, sentit, I will confess that I lost it in bed for about 2-3days after the catheter was removed (after surgery). There was almost no control during that time. During my wakening hours I carried a jar with me around the house. I got control back in about 4 days. BAD MEMORY!

I hope that things got better.

Chickadee, I agree, that story has got to be the height of lazy. That yellow liquid will get in clothes and STINK! I will say I can and have driven 450 miles none stop. I had sandwich, chips, fruit and three large waters in the passengers’ seat and 3 mayo jars in the floorboard with lads. No I didn’t pee on myself of the vehicle seat. There have been times I have made it to the vehicle to the mayo jar, but not on me. It don’t take a guy long to make a head call.