This Is The Only Way For Me To Pee!

I love peeing myself in public, but would be horrified if anyone ever noticed!  I have pee'd in nylon running shorts before and this is the easiest since the material almost drys immediately.  Unfortunately my favorite thing to pee in is my tight jeans.  I have found certain of my jeans show wetness less....the faded stone washed onces.  I have never tried to pee standing up in public, because of the enormous amount of evidence donw my legs.  I have sat on the grass in a park, or on a park bench and really wet myself...but if I wait 30 minutes or so and just enjoy being outside, the wetness has usually merged in with the rest of the material and does not show.  I also will wear a very long shirt, sweatshirt or coat to hide the evidence, but this only looks appropriate when it is cool outside. 

I also love to wet myself as I travel on airplanes.   It is easiest, again, wearing my faded stonewashed jeans, but I have some tight, dark indigo jeans as well, and as long as I plan ahead I am usually ok.  I focus the air jet on my crotch, and make sure to allow about an hour to hour and 1/2  before landing.  By this time any evidence is gone.  THere have been occasions where I've gotten carried away and really wet myself so much so that my *** was soaked as well....but I've been lucky to be wearing a longer tshirt that hid the evidence. 

I love doing this....and love the feel of the wet meaterial, and I love how shiny it looks as I am releasing, so I would never want to wear something that kept the wetness in (pullups)....I just haev to make sure that through planning and care I am dry enough to not get noticed when the time comes!

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

maybe one day?!

That sounds lush! If i was your wife i would let you p.i.s.s all over me!

I like my pee to soak away too so that I am just nicely damp.