Long Walk Home

One night I was walking home from a friends house after a couple drinks and needed to pee, but the thought of holding it was just really appealing to me, and I had never done it before so I figured I would give it a try. As I was walking I could feel the urge getting stronger and was really struggling to hold it in. I thought if i just let a little out it would feel much better, well not really having held it for this long before i didn't know how hard it was to stop. So as I let just a little out I tried to stop but it just wasn't going to happen. I let most of it go into my pants and then continued on my way home . I hadn't even thought about getting caught, considering it was so late and no-one would be out, but as I turned down my street I could see this guy walking his dog coming right for me, as I passed him with my soaking wet pants I had this feeling that that's all he could see was this guy who had pissed himself, but I don't think he even noticed. As i got home I needed to still go a little so I let the last of my pee go before getting into I nice hot shower and getting all cleaned up.

I love the feeling of warm pee and almost getting caught was such a turn on that I will defiantly be doing this again

CompJunkie89 CompJunkie89
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

yep a nice strees reliver somtimes and that fearof wetting onself and getting cought hasanaughty edge to it