Trying It Out

I wanted to try this, so I took a shot at it. To wet myself on purpose and share it on EP. Well, I did. I just bought a new coffee maker for hubby, cause the one we had stop working after six months. Anyways, he hadn't had his coffee yet, and he told me to go upstairs and make some. Well, our apartment is two floors above where we work, so it's convient. In my head, I had the perfect opportunity to try and pee myself while the coffee is making in the new pot. I went into the bathroom, took off my jeans and stood over the toilet in my white panties. I relaxed and let it out. Pee going into the toilet while staining my panties yellow at the same time. After I was done, I took them off and decided to wash my panties, before they stained, in the kitchen sink. Now I'm pant-less and panty-less. Then my hubby comes up the stairs and I thought "he caught me". But told him I wanted to make him coffee half-naked and he got turned on at the thought.

Well, that's all for now. Would have taken a picture of me in my wet panties, but my camera phone was work.
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4 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Well one of the challenges of wetting and keeping it a secret from your mate is you need to be a fast thinker for a good excuse and it seems you passed that test with flying colors!

I'm sure you could get away with a pair of stained panties under your jeans

Yes, but not on purpose. A week after I had my baby, my vaginal muscles were weak and I ended up peeing in my sweat pants on the way to the bathroom. I was embarrassed, cause my husband walked in on it.

You can make pee for me anytime ;-)