I Pee Myself In 6th Grade

Well am a girl and i pee myself in 6th grade. I drank a gallon of water before bed. I woke put on a white shrit and pant but I needed to pee but i said to myself 'that i can use it at school'. I need to pee bad but the science teacher did not let me. Crossing my leg holding my pee. I needed to pee so bad. When we change class and i was all alone and about to pull my pant and panties down and pee in the trash can but then i be caught. I held it in for 3 hour then it was lunch i ran to the bathroom but all of them was close. I cound not take the pain in my bladder and kindey and pee myself. Pee came down my pant for 3 long min. . I did not care if I was a being laugh at.

Cheerleader911 Cheerleader911
2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

could you pee your self for me.

Wait... <br />
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So your twelve? <br />
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Hell even I think you shouldn't be on this site... <br />
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Meah, hell to what I think but could you write a few more with more detail?

Dude, did you see her current age? She is 18-21. The story was posted two years ago and even if she was 12 at the time, she would likely be 14 now, or just younger than I am. Or, she may have posted this years after it actually happened.