I Had Diarrhea and Poo Myself

Well I was in the mall with my family. I ate about 5 hamburger and chicken(bad ideas) and had milk The food was great and the milk taste weird. We split up to find cloth but My stomach rumble. I had a bad stomach ache. I needed to find a bathroom. I ran to find direction to the bathroom. I could  feel the poo was coming harder as i held it in harder. It took me 30 min. to find the restroom but all the girl bathroom was close. I found that was open in 24 min. as my stomach hurt alot. But all of the stall were close. My stomach rumble, ache, and hurt very badly. I could not poo my pant. I held in for 2 hour looking a bathroom. I whet in the sub-way section of the mall where the train was. They had a bathroom and it was worst of all. The light was broken, stall door was broken, and the toilet was dirty. I ran out and ran to find a anther bathroom. I ran in the male bathroom looking if anyone was here(am a girl). I ran in to the stall. I pull down my pant and about to pull down my panties. When a boy walk in and enter the stall next to me. I ran out. Nearly pooing my pant. My stomach feel awful, pain, ache, and rumble. I started to fart alot. I knew i was about to just poo myself. My dad text me saying we will leave at 8:00 PM. That left 3 hours to find a bathroom that was not closed. In 2 hour am still looking after they closed most bathroom due to floods and broken toilet. I kept farting and my stomach kept rumbling in pain. I found a long line of girl going to pee. I finally find a stall open in the girl bathroom. I ran to the stall slam the door and lock it. I pulled my pant down and sat on the toilet. I poo and I keep pooing for 20 min. just sitting there and pooing.But I forgot to put down my panties. It felt weird and puffy as the poo just sit there in panties touching my butt. I knew i had to keep them on. I whet home( acting weird) and change. It was very embarrassing. 

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13 Responses Mar 20, 2009

just read it again & now sitting in load of semi runny poop the things you young ones do for older guys like me

What a s++tty tale I LOVED IT the thought of young woman in pooped pants spreading over p++sy SQUELCHING as she walks cos you wont manage to clean them MORE MORE

my girl friend had the same problem we were at the monroeville mall and she s**T all over her pant i men the diarrhea was pouring down her pants.

Great story. It must have felt SO good the moment you let it out, narrowly avoiding disaster.

Really hot story.

that happend to me before i loved it

so bad experience

I did that once. I ran into the toilet and as I was about to sit down it all came out, and then came the pee which comes with the poo. I had to walk home in soaking and messy pants. I loved it.

nice story =]

nice story =]


Wicked story- I'd like to be on a toilet and conveniently forget to pull down my pants so that my pants would be full of poo.