Wetpant . Country Walk

today I went for a walk in the countryside I always go prepared for bad weather so i always take my rubber mac in case of rain well thats my excuse ,I must have been walking for about one hour when it started raining so I put my mac on it made me feel warm and horny flicking and flacking between my legs this made me feel like getting really wet panties I SO love wet panties, I had drank loads of water before I left home on purpose so I had a full bladder for my favorite passtime wet panties I could,nt wait to find a place to squat down I started wetting my self so i pulled my rubber mac between my legs and just let it go in to the mac the pee splashed all over my panties and skirt ho it felt so nice and warm my legs went weak I could hardly walk with excitement I looked round to see if any body had seen me wetting my panties two teenage girls walked by in the other direction and smiled Idont think they seen any thing I really did,nt care though i felt so nice and wet ,I started to walk home I could feel pee still running down my legs from my wet skirt and panties ,Half way home the urge to wet my panties came over me again this time I squat down and made it last as long as i could I felt lovely all wet warm and naughty ,Im so glad I had my rubber mac so I could hide my little wetting secret from passers by,when i got home I stayed wet until bed time , can,t wait for my next country walk,wet my panties again writing this ho so so nice. tell me your wet panties stories please.
pantwet pantwet
Aug 6, 2010