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I'm nearly done with college and it's a bit disappointing to say that I haven't had a ton of pee experiences on this massive campus (about 2,000 acres). I'm not saying I haven't had any, just a few. Well, from what applies to this group, I have 2 distinct experiences that I would like to share.

The first one is from my second year of college and I was studying with a friend of mine at the learning center for a math test. It was late like 9:30 or 10ish since it was getting dark out and I really had to pee. I made my way over to the restrooms nearby and I saw that they were recently cleaned with the floor still wet from mopping. I took this opportunity to go into a stall and I peed directly onto the floor, I peed so hard that some of it splashed onto my shoes. I took the time to wipe myself and my shoes before returning to my study partner to finish going over the rest of the material for the test.

My second experience happened more recently on April 16th, that was a Monday. That day of the week for me is very packed with a discussion section, two classes, and a film screening for one of the classes. So, on this day, I went to my 5-6:45pm class and then the film started at 7pm which means I just have 15min to make it to the room. Once I got there I noticed a slight need to pee,but figured that I could just ignore it. I met up with a classmate and talked to her before the film started. The need grew as I watched the movie, I even thought about letting out a little bit of pee to get my panties wet. As I tried, I got extremely nervous and tensed up with so many people around and didn't release much at all.

Now I was feeling the desire to be naughty and I thought about the nearby restrooms. I weighed my options and chose the restroom that I figured no one would be in. It was past 9pm when the movie let out and I made my way to the past the restroom, only passing one other person. I walked in to the restroom which only has 2 stalls, I chose the large stall and figured that I would just pee on the floor and sneak out. Well, when I got in the stall and closed the door, I noticed that there was a sizable pile of toilet seat covers on the floor to the right of the toilet. I figured it came from someone trying to pull one out of the dispenser but kept ripping them. I figured the pile would make the perfect toilet, I placed my backpack in the opposite corner and walked over the pile. I pulled down my jeans and panties and squatted next to it. I peed all over the seat covers, soaking them, also making a bit of a puddle in the middle. After I was done, I got some toilet paper and wiped away whatever pee remained on me and left it in the middle of my puddle. I wanted to leave the mess there, but I didn't want it to be super obvious so I pulled out a couple more covers and placed them on top. After getting myself together and picking up my backpack, I was going to leave, but figured that I should take a pic since I never really did anything this daring. I got out my phone and took the below picture before making a quick exit out of the restroom, I was glad that there wasn't anyone around to see me. Instead of taking the bus, I decided to walk back to my room thinking about what I did.

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Love it

Very sexy

Very hot


Isn't it amazing how much fun a little pee sex can be, and even though it's really very harmless it freaks out most folks. Silly, really. Love to be added please?


So hot!!

Such a hot story! Love the pic, how about taking one in action next time?

Ha im sure we think the same... I love that seed of a naughty idea growing in your head and then finding somewhere perfect to do it....

Love it!

U must have been bursting

I love ******* on the floor in public bathrooms. I usually go to places where the bathrooms are already kinda messy and will walk up to the urinal and **** all up the wall and all over the floor. Or i go into a stall and **** all over the toilet and wall and floor. The bigger the puddle the better. I want to **** in a changing room in a store next.

Great fun!

Add me?

Sound's exciting ;) and nice picture :)

awesome story, and so naughty... bet it felt great!