I Just Couldn't Help It At All

During finals I would practically live at the library at this time they had built a new library and I didn't realize that they were in the middle of moving things to the new library. When I was heading over I felt the need to pee but just wrote it off and thought that I could wait until I finished studying. When I got to the library I went in and did all of my studying when I finished I really needed pee. So I went out into the hall where the bathrooms were located when I pushed on the door it didn't budge because they were locked. I figured that I would be able to get home before my bladder exploded but when I returned to gather my books I started feeling a familer wetness in my thong. So I went to a back corner where nobody was looking or watching. Then I squatted and pulled my thong to the side and just let go. I swear to god it seemed like I pissed forever. When I had finished I stood up put my thong back into place before I walked away I looked at the nice big wet spot that I left on the floor and then went back grabed my stuff and walked out of the library.
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6 Responses May 22, 2012

So impressed you were so into studying that you didn't stop to pee !

I love your story!! That is so sexy and hot!!! I love it!! Wish i could see!! I would be so proud to have a freak girl friend like you!! I would pee with you!! Your awesome!!

You can maybe do it into the librery at your seat on the floor next time

I'm wondering what university / college you're at, coz they've been building a new library at my university too.. <br />
I'm at Macquarie University in Sydney ..

I wish I was there studying with you ;)

Very nice! Invite me to study with you next time so I can watch