Since I Was A Little Girl

I love peeing on the floor of public bathrooms. I have been doing it since kindergarten. I used to stay and hide in the bathrooms during lunch hour in winter because I hated the cold. I always enjoyed peeing in naughty places (since I was 3), so it was an obvious passtime. I would always pee (and hide) in the same staul. The last one on the left side. I would pee between the toilet and the furnice. I still love doing it, today i let go in two different bathroom floor, couldnt let go of the full stream, because of the circumstances, but still had fun letting go
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When using a urinal I sometimes wave some onto the floor or wall.

Did it in three rest rooms today while traveling

Reading these forces me to pee on the floor

With the state of most public restrooms these days what the heck ! If I get the chance I will get it out and spray, life's too short not to have fun. Keep it flowing, it turns me on just thinking of it. xx

I too have enjoyed peeing since I was very young. I don't know wheather the need to pee turns me on or being turned on makes me want to pee.

me too

Ive been doing this for as long as i can remember too... Makes me feel so naughty.

If you pee on a radiator, it evaporates and leaves a lovely aroma in the air, too.

Nice story, such a naughty girl ;-)<br />
I purposely wait too long, slip into the ladies when it is already too late, if no one is there I might stand at the sink and just pee with my legs pressed tightly together, or squat over a drain if I have time, or if there are others in there, I will try to get into a stall so I can sit on the toilet and quietly pee through my clothes. So, that is how I would pee on a bathroom floor.