At Dance Class...

After my dance class I went into the changing room to get my stuff, but I change in the bathroom because I don't wear underwear or any undergarment under my tights and leotard. So I went to the bathroom with my stuff (which was empty because all the other girls were in class or left by the time) and s.tripped naked (outside the stalls). I put my stuff in the big stall and catwalked around the bathroom. Then I started peeing in a second position grand pliƩ, then doing jetes, grand battements, and other dance moves. I then held my last bit of pee and went into the bridge pose, and peed in that position. Then I did the frog stretch (which I am all the way down in) and took a long, holy crap on the floor. Knowing it was 15 minutes before my next class, I hurriedly cleaned myself up and put my underwear and bra back on, than the required tank top, black stretchy pants and jazz shoes, and left the bathroom as if nothing happened. 5 minutes later, a girl in my jazz class went to the bathroom, saw the mess on the floor, and told the receptionists. They asked everyone if they made it and I just lied that I didn't no problem. That was one of the wonders of my life!
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you stole tht storie from bubbles211. she has the same one and posted before you,

OMG u turned me on. once i was @ a fancy hotel and i started doing cartwheels in the bathroom(its pretty BIG!) and peeing while I did it and walked out of there like nothing happened. The manager was a girl and she went in there 20 mins after me and she litreally SCREAMED and lots of ppl went 2 see what happened. my mom went it too and when she came out she said "Someone peed ALL OVER the bathroom! There was pee everywhere!" and i was like WOW..... :)

Have fun tell me anymore storys

That sounds like fun

Did ur teacher ever find out

Shame on you!!! You should've cleaned it up......