Public And Work Toilet

I love to find quiet public toilets - usually ones that aren't often used and lock myself into a cubicle. I will begin to **** myself until i'm hard and then i squeeze out some hot pee either straight up so that it splashes all over my chest and runs back down over my hard **** and balls. If i'm feeling particularly horny I will ***** naked and pee directly into my mouth and all over my face. I love it when i'm able to sit on the floor of the toilet cubicle and squirt pee all over myself whilst i ****. I never allow my self to *** though and once i've cleaned up i leave to cubicle with my rock hard **** tucked tightly into my jeans.

I've got other experiences which i'll post soon - this is my first post!
Mickymac Mickymac
46-50, M
Jan 11, 2013