I Peed On The Bathroom Floor At School.

On many occations I have peed on the floor at school , both public and highschool as well as public washroom too. And about three times at work. 

My earliest memory of doing this would probably be around grade 6. Not to much to remember. Basically I would make sure I was alone in the washroom at school. Pick the last stall , and normally learn forward and pee off the front of the toilet. I would only do it a little bit in the start.  Or sometimes I would sit sideways on the toilet and pee off the side. I have on a few occations peed on the walls inside a stall in public school. 

Now in highschool I got more brave and more scared. I got old enough to relize that it was sexual and a taboo. And also finalization and agaist the law. I did not get off on making more work for other people. Just doing something I should not be doing. I preteneded my urine would magically vanish so no one would have to clean it up.... lol  I can remember peeing on the back of some toilets and at times empting my full bladder on the floor , or wall etc.  

My most recent memory of doing this was at work. I got up for a bathroom break and went to the public washroom inside our building.  And peed everything I had behind the toilet. Little did I know the floor must have been on a slight ark towards the front of the stall because I did not have to go all that badly but for some reason I was standing in a puddle on urine. So... I had to stand there using toilet paper to clean up the puddle. Once it was half way dry I gave up and left.  I had my urine all over the bottom of my shoes. And as I was leaving a co-worker of mine walked in.  This was two months ago and nothing has been said or done. I was worried when I was called in to speak with the boss a day after. Which does not happen that often. We have cameras all over and sense I did this a couple times before I thought maybe they were on to me. You know like cataloged when ever they noticed a puddle of urine in a stall. And documented who went to the washroom around that time etc. So I was worried , I remember when they caught a boy who was doing that back in public school. He was the laughing stock for like a half a year.  All they did to catch him was pick up on the pattern. Still three times may not be enough for the janitors at my work and management to work a plan together. But I was worried until I relized the boss was only filling me in on details I missed during a meeting when I was to busy and missed.  Still to this date I have only been going in the toilet at work like a good girl.  And I don't think I will ever go back to peeing on the walls at work. 

Besides theses events I have went on the wall or floor at other public washrooms. And the washroom at work was for staff and other people in the building not only my workplace in the building. If it was I would NEVER do anything like that.  My boss would freak out if anything like this happend in a privet workplace washroom which only our staff could access. Which as of just recently we now have one. But most staff still perfer going to the other washroom to stretch their legs.  My boss is a neat freak , if one drop of urine made its way to the floor in our privet washroom. He would probably round up all the girls or boys and exicute them fireing squad fashion.  Which reminds me there is a mcdonald's just across the road. Just once I peed on the floor a little there.


Advice... Don't do it at work at all. Don't do it at school often (Which I did not.)  Enjoy it in public washrooms if its your things.  Carry a sionide pill just in case you get caught.


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I have always considered peeing in a drain at a public restroom, but never have. Today I actually tried it. But first I tried peeing on a floor, and it was fun... I cleaned up after myself. Then at the mall one of the bathroom stalls had a drain in the center of it, so that was convenient :P I would never actually leave it for someone to clean, but it is still fun doing it even if I have to clean it up XP

have you ever peed on the toilet with the seat closed

rated way up, sweetie

would you like to hold pee on webcam with me? :-)

Wow, sept 10th... sorry for late reply. No I don't do webcams... I don't like to that personal with anyone even if I was not on the webcam I still would not want to do it. Sorry.

That's a little messed up... lol But very interesting. Thank peesonearth!

The Romans used urine for fulling cloth (cleaning it and making it thicker). It was collected all over and reused (an early recycling!) There was a tax on urine paid by the buyers! Check out "Pecunia non olet" on Wikipedia. Since it was valuable, I bet few people peed on the floor like we do!<br />
<br />
So if you are into wetting clothes you can remember the Romans who did their laundry with it before they found out about soap...

Those Romans really knew there stuff then. More respect gained! If that's true of course.

Yes, Pee makes some of the best lube! So slippery! Is that just a fluke or natures way of trying to tell us something? lol

I very much enjoyed your story, and like that it is sexual for you as it is for me at times. I will hold my water till bladder is about to burst then find a public restroom like a McDonalds slip in and if it is empty stand at urinal or go in the stall and **** all over the fllor and wall, as I slow my stream slows down its then I use the warm pee to lubricate a bit as I stroke to a full ****** from the thrill of ******* all over the floor and wall.

I have quite a few times danhorse. Theater washrooms , park washrooms. And I have wrote about a couple of the times.

do it in a public restroom like in a gas station or grocery store or something!

i think im in love with you... ;)

mlm , never heard of doing that before. Does not sound half bad.

Good lucky with the girlfriend part. You never know. Yes the first few times I peed in any public or school washroom (Not in the toilet) was down the drain.

Great story!! I peed in a floor drain in a public bathroom once...that's about it. Besides peeing on my bed or while driving (driving & wetting is hot)<br />
<br />
As far as the boyfriend thing...I've wondered myself when I meet a potential girlfriend in the future...will she freak out if I tell her about my fetish? Maybe, just maybe she'll be open-minded like you are, and go for it. (fingers crossed) lol

You are right of course. Never jeapordize something like your work with your personal fetish. I used the toilet properly at work. Sometimes I left my panties on and wet them, sometimes I even pleasured myself while wetting. But that wasn't something that I would get caught at, and if I did, well accidents do happen. <br />
As for peeing on the floor in a public bathroom, my favorite was is to be at the sink, washing my hands or touching up my lipstick, and just pee while standing there. The first time I did that, the stalls were busy and I really couldn't wait any longer. So I just stood with my legs together and let it go through my panties, and hose, and down my legs. I finished and left before anyone else came in.

my god that is so HOT!!! Very good work! My girl friend and I love to wet our pants in public one time we were at a car show and it began to rain and we got soked we left and stoped at a antique shop to waite out the rain but wile walking around in the shop we started letting out our **** and telling each other about it we kept walking around wetting and wetting it was wonderful! We emptyed our blatters in our jeans and left to get back to our camper for some delightful wet fun!

That gives me some new things to think about. I am not bi-sexual or lesbian. Which I am not sure if you are or not. But I would personally mix that up with a sexual feeling. Heck I like watching girls wet or pee in strange places sometimes because I can imagine doing it myself. I never thought about what it would be like to have a pee friend. lol And do stuff like this with. Honestly it would be year before I could build the mental capability to allow myself to behave like this in front of other people. I could not even ask my boyfriends about water sports etc. Still the idea is pleasing. lol