I Have A Massive Pee Fetish!

i am a man who has an extreme desire of urinating with females and like to watch them and be watched . i like peeing badly in groups especially, when i put down my zipper and pants and pull it out for an erotic ******* seen. my circular hole opens wide enough for lots of urine to come out and easly fills about a litre at a time. sometimes it sounds noizy, sexy and naughty if i have a long pee which i enjoy more for pleasure particularly, when i do it with ladies together. once i was going really crazy when i visited my cousin, a 32 year old girl in her place. she went to use the bathroom and she did not mind keeping the door open. she went in front of me and she slid her pants and panties all the way down and i saw her beautiful thing with a middle line and two borders on sides that will guide you through. She was talking to me when taking her cute pee that sounds and seems really sexy and erotic. i watched her **** driping from a tiny circle as i stood beside the door and after, the circle started to fold back when she was done. Then, she stood to shake & wipe and i saw something but tight enough that looked like a split-pea etc..... that was really really really fantastic.         keep in touch with me "LADIES" for more and more !!!!!...            hopefully hear back from you !!   
    thanks and have a PEE day !
LongNoizyPee LongNoizyPee
31-35, M
Jan 13, 2013