At The Walmart Supercenter In College...

So I went to a college not too far from a Walmart supercenter...and I also had an apartment not too far from there too by myself. I decided late one night to go there to get some essentials...Keep in mind it's a 24 hour place and I lived 5 minutes away...In the car, I felt the urge to go, and I had never done it in public before so I thought that I'd buy some womens panties to poop in. That's my fetish right there...I love full cut women's panties with a nice big bulge...but I digress...ANYWAY, I went in and the first thing I did was pick a package of Hanes her way, and just guessed at my size...went through the self-checkout to avoid strange looks from the cashier and then went into the bathroom. I changed into the panties and then went back through the store. I went to the electronics section and stood there playing a demo of a game. That's where I made my BOWELS move! I started to go right in my panties and it felt SOOOO good. No one was really around except the employees who were stocking things. I began to push and I could feel the panties moving away from my butt and could hear the crackle of the poop coming out of my ***. I pushed for about a minute and realized I had emptied my bowels completely into these pink cotton panties. I reached around and felt the bulge and it was just a bit smaller than a softball. It was amazing. My loose running pants weren't loose enough to hide this! I also noticed I had a HUGE bulge in front! I barely touched myself and I came in the front of those same pink panties. I walked around the store and got the things I needed all with this massive bulge in the back of my pants. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I didn't care. I then got back in my car and put a big plastic bag on my seat and drove home in felt sooo good. I cleaned up once I got home and jerked off again in the shower while I relived my public adventure.

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love a good poo now & then

Sounds awesome & fun too!! I have plastic seats in my car so I can enjoy the mess on the way home too! We have a lot in common!! I cream my diaper before I poop in it, during the poop & after the poop! I love doing those mushy warm creamy poops in my diaper to enjoy sitting in!

hehe-nearly *** in my pants reading this!