Travelling Home

I was 14 and a scout travelling home with my mates in the troop bus from a weekend camping. I grew desperate for a wee. I was unable to get the leader to stop and finally, clutching myself |I lost it and pissed a real hot gusher into my pants. It burst through the material and my fingers and one of the others noticed me ******* and they all began to take the **** out of me. I sat in soggy pants for three hours till we got home. They all stopped taking the **** eventually and forgot about it - most of them had done it sometime anyhow.

Once I had started i loved the feeling of the hot wet pee soaking through my undies and trousers and all around my balls and my bottom. It was brilliant. I told Mum what I had done and she just told me not to bother - "its only wee", she said, "its nothing to be ashamed of, everyone wets their pants".

That was my first time. It was another year before I pooped. I did wet myself much more frequently after the first time and Mum never ever moaned about it so for me wetting myself was easy. Dad was the same - he never ever mentioned it even when I was a bit smelly. I used to check his pants out in the bargroom sometimes and he was not very clean in the underpants department.
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May 13, 2012