School Holidays

After I wet my pants on the scout mini-bus and Mum was not bothered about it Iusedto wet my pants - discreetly - on purpose every now and again. I was aware several ofmy friends had pooped themselves but I had never had thecourage to try - although I wanted to see what it felt like. My Dad, my older brother and I all tended to have skiddy underpants and I would often sniff the others pants from the wash basket in the bathroom. All of us had poo stains up the crack and pee dribbles and more in the front.

I had a holiday job delivering leaflets and it was while delivering one morning that I needed to poo. The need to go came on quite quickly and I realised I was going to have an accident - definately an accident - ******** my pants was not on my job description for the day. Some ten minutes later I was filling my white briefs with a load to die for. As my pants filled I got a huge erection and I made my way carefully to a seat and lowered myself onto it. Theload squeezed around my pants - up my crack and in all other directions. It made me feel really good. After a while my erection subsided and I carried on as if nothing had happened, wondering what the people I passed would think if they knew my underpants were full of crap. It was easy in a way because I knew Mum was out at work and I had the house to myself. I pissed my pants as I walked up the drive and once indoors could hardly wait to take myself in hand. I had to clean up briefs, shirt and jeans but it was worth it. In addition to the slight poo stain up my bum crack my briefs always boasted a slight stain over my bum where this first poo landed
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May 16, 2012