OMG i just had an accident :P
yasmin09 yasmin09
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23 Responses Aug 21, 2014

i would love to see and feel it

You're not the only one! Lol.

Can you please add me, thank you

Wana wet my bed freely?

I wish I could help clean you and more.

That's o.k. as a pretty girl you should have little problems finding a significant other to be understanding and help you clean up.

i have those all the time hit me up if u wanna chat

Wish I had been there to lick you clean

I'll run you a bath.

Sounds like you full of ****!!! And ****!! Haha

Sounds like a nice accident ;)

add me?


Sure that was an accident?

in that age?
consider a doctor :)

Shi# happens...

i have that problem all the time

No one cares. Just please wash up thoroughly so you don't spread e coli

*******, i have medical condition, i dont do it on purpose, or have some weird fetish ok?

Then you shouldn't be typing

Can you please add me, I'm a fan of the stuff we do. :)

Was one if those oops times. :-)

take a shower ffs

how u felt after that ?

hihi.... wat kindaaa perverts are this.... ?

Wet or messy


Who changes you