Wet At Friends

my girlfriend and i were out of town visiting a old friend who we haven't seen for years. after going out for dinner and a few drinks we were watching a movie and i fell asleep. i woke up to my girlfriend shaking saying your wetting your pants. as i woke up i could see our friend staring at me while i was wetting myself on the couch . then my girlfriend said i know we should of put your diaper on before the movie. then said lets go get you ready for bed.

we went to the room us were using and i took off my wet pants and my gf put me in a diaper and told me lets go finish the movie i asked for some pants she handed me my wet pants back. as i was standing there our friend walked in the room and seen me standing there in just my diaper holding my wet pants. then my girlfriend said there now we all know you wear diapers and we have all seen you in your diaper now lets go finish the movie. our friend just took my wet pants and asked is she could throw them in the wash for me. So needless to say i finished out the rest of the week in diapers..... really fun week tho

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

most of the time yes i do. but from time to time i just don't fell like wearing a diaper and most the time i should of been diapered.

Do you always wear diapers?