Drunk Wet And Wanked :)

this happened last weekend and was amazing! ok it was my friends birthday party so he was having a sleep over which ment a group of our mates get very drunk (or passed out whichever) at his place coz his parents don't really care. so I'd drank alot of beer so I had almost no clue what was going on almost everyone was either passed out or well on thier way then all of a sudden my mate goes to me "aaaah look he's peeing his pants" and sure enough I looked down and saw the growing wet patch apper on my jeans I just stareed at it dripping onto the floor and the mega patch on my jeans "****** HELL" my mate drunkly shouted "go to the ****** bathroom and dry off. so im in his bathroom about to mop myself up when this very drunk girl walks in and goes "you naughty boy wetting your pants would baby like some help" with that she grabbed a towel and pulled my soggy jeans and boxers off and began to dry me off then felt my balls then began to **** me......I wont go into anymore detail but we did alot of stuff that night and it was amazing cant wait for his next sleepover :)
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2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

do you grab your penis and pee all over your self? Do you **** in your mouth?

A great pee party. Too bad she did not suck it.