The Pranksters

When I was 14, I was slightly new to the area and had few friends. So with the friends I did have, I invited them for a sleepover. So right after school, they came over with there pjs and such. It was 5:00 so we didn't have much time to play around. We played some boardgames, did our nails, etc. At 8:00, we had dinner. After we got dressed and set up our sleeping bags. The day was normal until night came. 9:00 came and we sat in my room. That's when Tracy proposed that she could do any dare. So we started throwing dares at her. We started small like," act like a dog" or "eat spinich". Pretty lame... Then we started doing a little bad,"tell your biggest secret" or " put your foot in the tolit". She did all of our dares. That's when Mary said,"Crap yourself right now and don't change afterwards." Tracy didn't expect this at all she started to back out but then everyone started making chicken noises. So she started to grunt and blush. A bulge started to form in her pants and it started to smell. She said she finished and that was that. It was 11:00 so we went to bed... Some of us. I'll tell you each persons part of the story sepretly. I had 10 guests over. Everyone fell asleep at 11:30. First is Vicky. 12:30: Vicky was planning the whole day. She got up and took out her toothpaste. She went to the bathroom and uncaped the toothpaste. Then she started to squez the toothpaste all over the seat. So when one of the girls go to the bathroom... You can get the picture. 1:20: Mary brought a little surprise for Jacklyn. It was a diaper. So Mary first put a diaper literary on her and another in her bag. 1:50: Tracy was seeking revenge on Mary so she grabbed a cup of warm water and put Mary's hand in it after 5 minutes, Mary was weting her sleeping bag. While she was on a role she came over to me and made wet my sleeping bag. Since veryone was asleep, she went and emptied out her panties of poop at 2:00. 2:00: Kristen woke up and decicided to do the classic whip cream trick. As she started towards the frigde, she suddenly bumped into Tracy. They were both stunned to see each other. They both promised each other that "they didn't see anything." Kristen came back upstairs and pranked Sam. Both Sam, Megan, Sabrina and Hannah stayed silent through the night. Tracy woke up first at 8:00. She went into Megan's bag and first took her pj pants, then her regular pants and hid them. Then she took her panties and put them in the freezer. Tracy then pretended to be asleep and waited for everyone to wake up. Everyone woke up at about 10:00 except Megan. So Tracy then put the frozen panties into megan's bag without grabbing attention. That's when Sabrina went to the bathroom. She sat on the tolit with the toothpaste on the seat and smudged all over her butt. She held in her scream and moved on. Like nothing happened. Jacklyn woke up and noticed she had a diaper on. Mary and I noticed we wet the bed. Plus sam had whip cream all over her face. We all cleaned up and kept blaming each other for the prank. That's when Megan woke up. She got up and took off her dirty panties and put the freezzing panties. She screamed. It was soooooooo cold. Also, she couldn't find her pants. So she moved around with her sleeping bag. So the rest of the visit was boring... Except how Mary kept pantsing Jacklyn exposing her diaper. Everyone from that day on thought she wore diapers since she had an was a good sleepover.
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OMG that sounds awesome!!!

who wud poo them selfs nd who ud change dat girls diaper!!!!!!!!!

Now that is a good sleepover, never a dull moment the way it should be. Wonder what they would have done to me!

You girls have way more fun than guys on sleepovers... those are some good pranks.