Something New

This is something I had wanted to try for a while:

The wife was at work for the next several hours, so I knew I now had my chance. After drinking several beers I soon had to pee. I took a condom and ******** naked in the bathtub. After rubbing myself for a few minutes I had a slight hardon. I carefully pulled the condom down over my **** and waited a few seconds. There wasn't much room at the tip of the condom, but I soon saw my yellow pee fill the tip. Then I had to push really hard, but after a few seconds the condom finally started to balloon. After several more seconds of peeing I had stretched the condom into a nice arrowhead shaped balloon. Fearing the pressure might try and push the pee back inside I slowly pulled the condom off attempting to squeeze it shut as it slid off my ****. A small bit shot out and hit me in the chest. I then squeezed the liquid and sprayed it all over my lower body. I then proceeded to jack off and took a shower to rinse it all off. Not a bad night.
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May 17, 2012