Driving To Toronto.

I was driving to Toronto to see my boyfriend. The traffic was at a standstill because of an accident on the highway. I had been holding my pee since that morning and had been on the road for about 4 hours. I was desperate to pee, keeping one hand on the wheel and the other holding my crotch through my skirt. The whole time I was thinking about how badly I had to pee, and I was almost certain I wasn't going to make it. I had been holding for about 12 hours, and was in complete agony. I prayed for the cars to start moving, but it was no use.I begannto leak uncontrollably, and was holding onto my crotch for dear life. Iknew I wasn't going to make it and was going to end up wetting myself. I looked around my car for a bag to sit on, but instead saw 3 empty large coffeecups from Tim Hortons, which had added onto my desperation. 

I quickly grabbed the cups andshoved it betweeen my legs. I raised my hips slightly so i was hovering over the cup. The second I moved, My pee started leaking uncontrollably. It came out in a heavy stream and the cup was full almost immediatley. I threw the cup out the window and grabbed the next one, but it was no use, I had already peed all over the seat and since they were leather, my car wasnt ruined. I relaxed and continued to pee, enjoying my wetnessso much that I had to pleasure myself a bit afterwards ;)

jayybeexx jayybeexx
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6 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Damn that is hot!

So hot. Glad to see there's ladies in the Toronto area that love to torture their bladder. You can relive this story on my lap any time ;-)

i think ur a dirty litter bug

i think ur a dirty litter bug

i'd love to take a trip with you next ime.

Sounds like a fun trip to me. I hope he rewarded you as well when you arrived.