Very Shameful Experience

well i don know when i had peed on that day but i went to my friends place along with my gf. we had coke and snaks there. we left about 2 hours later. i just wanted to while away dat day. my gf sugessted shopping.  and she is a big shopping freak. after 3 hours she was still shopping. and i got this urge to pee. i dindt wanted to pee anywhere on the street in case she catches me so i suggested going to hotel for a lunch. she was busy selecting some kind of chains on the neck and said she will soon select one and then we could go.but after 15 mins she was still in the store selecting ear hangings as well.  well i really had to pee and i was it was definittely urgent. i dint even know if i cud hold it if we walked till a hotel. i told my gf that it was  enough and we must leave. she said that it would take just another 5 minutes. i  said no she could do it later. she asked why? and i couldnt even think of any other reason due to my urgency so i told i that i had to pee and it was very urgent. During our conversation we hadnt noticed that it had begun to rain outside. me and my gf stood outside the store under  the roof waiting for the rain to stop. now my hand started going to my  **** and my legs were tapping slightly.  i seriously didnt care that it was raining  . i still suggested that we would go. but my gf did not agree as she had a laptop in her bag too.  . after 20 mins it was still raining heavily and i couldnt hold it any more. i had never been this desperate before. my gf asked wats wrong may seeing my scared face and the fact that i was holding my **** very tight.  i dint answer and simply kept looking around. there was a telephone booth outside . i said i needed a phone and went to it- my gf  called something something from back but i neither had time to hear or answer. i was in a situation where my pee would come out any moment. i opened the door of the telephone booth and it started ccoming. i dint even close the door and removed the button of my jeans quickly. but i had still wet myself a litte. then i heard my gf say hey!!! wat the...she was just standing behind me and she had pulled open the door which i hadnt bolted . i saw her shocked face and  felt very embarrsed. i stayed in the booth for  i guess a minute or more. then i came out and she was like u peed in a telephone booth- disgusting. isaid i had no alternative. she also said i had wet a little on the back . i was really feeling embarresed then i said ya i couldnt control it.
1 Response May 23, 2012

If i was your gf i would of helped you out.