Clean Briefs In The Glove Box - Diaper In The Door Pocket!

When we were first married we did a lot of long trips in an old car - mostly on motorways with limited rest stops. My wife and I had both had "almost accidents" when we had parked and run crossed legged into the restrooms. Jane took to having a spare pair of underwear and a maxi pad in her handbag, just in case she wee-wee'd her self a bit on journeys like these. I just accepted that sometimes my boxers would be damp and maybe a wet spot would appear on my pants. Jane suggested that I kept a spare pair of underwear in the car and on one or two occasions I used these by changing in a toilet stall and (I'm afraid) leaving the wet underwear stuffed behind the toilet bowl.

One of our visits was to a elderly relative who had bladder control problems and wore a disposable diaper in bed. After leaving one day for the long journey home Jane had a carrier bag with her and when we got in the car she nudged me and said "I got Aunt Em to give me one of these - "just in case" we get stuck in traffic or something like that"" and showed me a large size "depend" type of adult diaper with sticky fastening tapes. I said "I'm not wearing one of those" and Jane said - "I'm not asking you too -not that I'm convinced your fully toilet trained yet" - we both laughed.

We finished the journey uneventfully and the diaper was left in the car.

A few weeks later we were on a different journey and hit a long tail back of slow moving traffic - after what seemed an age but was probably only an hour or so Jane said "I need a pee badly" I explained that as we were moving at about 5 mph I couldn't stop, and added that I was desperate as well. Jane was quiet for a bit and then said "I'm wetting myself - pass me that nappy" I took the plastic bag and gave it to her. Jane undid her seatbelt and quickly slipped her jeans down to her ankles. She then raised herself in her seat and slipped the diaper under her bottom. I was watching interestedly and said "you haven't taken your knickers off" to which she replied "Too late for that" and held the front of the diaper up so that her stream of wee was nicely caught.

Once she was finished Jane slid the diaper out and put it back in the plastic carrier bag. The seat was a little wet,and her jeans were damp in one or two small places. She kicked off her shoes and took her feet out of her jeans so as to be able to slip her underwear off- the cotton panties were very wet and went into the plastic bag as well.

Jane pulled up her jeans and said "I won't bother with fresh panties as we will be home soon". "Soon" I snorted - look at the traffic I am just as near bursting as you were and I think I'll pee myself before this lot clears. Jane said "Don't worry - you drive and I'll look after everything else. By now we were doing nearer 25 mph but there was still a long way to go. Jane reached across and undid the buckle of my belt before unzipping my fly. She put her hand inside my jeans and fumbled for the slit in the front of my boxers. She laughed and said "you should have told mummy earlier" as she felt the dampness caused by my inability to "hold it". She eventually got my penis out of its damp concealment and asked me to hold my legs apart. I said "If I do that I will pee a torrent" but was told - "don't worry" - I soon saw why as Jane had the plastic bag with the wet diaper held open in front of my **** which was pointing forwards but down. Jane said "OK let go - but don't try to change gear until you have finished or it will go everywhere".

I emptied my straining bladder and looked down to see the inside of the yellowing diaper do a good job of absorbing most of my wee. Jane scrunched the top of the bag together and pushed it into a corner of the car. Jane put my penis back inside my boxers and redid. up my jeans. After that those spare brief, boxers and a adult nappy were always in the car - "just in case" the need arose.

It would be a lie to say that was the first time I had peed in my car - but it was a better experience that the earlier "How am I going to explain this/pay for petrol/get into the house without people seeing" dilemmas of earlier losses of bladder control.
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Awesome story man.