Maxi Pad Overflow...

Today I went out with the intention of peeing discreetly in public for the first time. I put on a pair of tight pink panties and a maxi pad with a pair of tight ladies combat trousers over the top and set off in my car to the nearest town. When I got there I set off to look around some shops. In each one I was doing some experimental bladder squeezes to see if I could force a little pee into my pad, but I don't know if it was nerves or that I hadn't drunk enough earlier, probably a combination of the two, but I couldn't pee at all. Eventually I returned to my car, feeling a little dissapointed. As I got in I immediately relaxed, and felt a renewed pressure in my bladder, so I guess it must have been nervousness earlier that had prevented me from peeing. I started the engine and, squirming in my seat a little, set off home. When I reached the dual carriageway I slowed a little and cruised behind a lorry, having decided to finish what I had started and began to push. I let out a little pee then clenched to stop the flow, because I love that strange feeling you get with a pad of peeing, but still feeling dry. Although the next time I relaxed and released a little more pee I found that I was unable to stop the flow, so I just stopped trying and let my entire bladder's contents empty into my pad. The pad did a fine job of keeping the car seat dry, although the front section, which received the brunt of my pee became saturated and began to release pee onto my panties and trousers. This left a perfectly neat pad shaped dark patch in my crotch. When I got home I immediately took some photos of the damage with my webcam, which you can see on my profile.

Although I'm a little dissapointed that I didn't pee into a pad in public (I deffinately plan to go out soon and do this properly) my car pee was a good substitute...
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

That sucks that you weren't able to pee in public maybe next time you will be able to

Wow, thats a shame you couldn't do it in public, but sounds like a fantasticly fun story!