Snowsuit Wetting

With all the snow we got yesterday in the Northeast, I had a perfect day of shoveling and wetting my snowmobile suit. It started in the morning when I got up. I held my morning **** until I was outside. Shoveling all the heavy wet snow was difficult and each time I lifted a shovelfull, I squirt into my snowsuit. By the time I was finished I was totally wet from my waist to my boots. I went inside and drank until I was bursting again and back outside I went. Same experience this time with the added bonus of all of my neighbors outside shoveling. It was real fun to continue wetting my snowsuit while all the others were around.
I ended my fun this morning by holding my morning **** again and cleaning up the last of the snow. Just before I went back inside I just stood in the driveway and just let go of all the **** I had left. What a great experience feeling all that warm **** run down my legs inside the snowsuit on such a cold morning.
I hope I was not the only one doing this. Anyone else have a story to share?
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Yes, can't beat that warm wet feeling.especially when you know your wetting your pants and no-one else does..Makes it that much more exciting getting away with being naughty..LOL
And you wonder if anyone else is doing it too..Probably,but would not admit it..LOL