Parkour Pee Story

Today 12/5/12 I woke up late for school so I was in a rush this morning. I jumped out of bed. Throw on some clothes brushed my teeth and walked out the house. I didn't have any money because I left my wallet inside. Luckily for me I had a school ID in my locker. I ran outside Knowing I had 20 mins to get to school(A two mile walk).

I ran to my main sreet and crossed it. That was the only street I had too cross until I reached my school. I started to think as I ran. ?What was to fastest way to get to school?......PARKOUR!!! I ran thru a parking lot while jumping over cars. I jumped over a gate or two.

Then I stoped........ I soon realized that I haven't pissed ever since woke up. I ran to a alley as fast as I can, Looked around to make sure a woman was watching(Too bad No one was..) I pulledmy 5-6" penis out because I was hard it was a bit of a challenge.

After I pulled my **** out. I let my pee free. It was a cold morning so when my **** hit the ground I could see a lot of steam fromed. I watched as the yellow fluids hit the ground and make its way to the wall. The cool breeze felt so good as it hit my **** and balls. I was gonna stay there all day when I remembered I had to make it to class.

I moved over a step and rubbed my **** against the wall(to remove the left over drops). I put my hard **** back in my pants and continued my way to school with a hard and 5 mins. left till I get to class.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Cool, i wish i was watchin