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Peed In A 3-man Raft

One time I was at the beach with a good friend and got into this 3-man raft and paddled a little ways out. We just sat there and drifted with the gentle waves and caught some sun and conversation. After a while he said "I have to pee." I said "me too." He said "I'm too lazy to get out of this boat." "me too" i said. Then I said: "let's just pee in the boat and rinse it out on the way in." He laughed and said "ok." "Are you going?" I asked. "No" he laughed. "Ok...on the count of!" I watched a wet spot in his swimsuit grow. I looked down at my spread legs and a stream was actually shooting out a little from the thin material. Then he said "omg. mind if I sunbathe nude while we're in the boat?" LOL

shaunahp shaunahp 18-21, F 18 Responses Feb 12, 2010

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that would of made me so hard.


I've done that. The only difference was I was with my cousin and when we got into the raft we ended up with quite a bit of water in the bottom. Needless to say our suits were wet. After we'd been out a while I told her I needed to P. She said not in the boat, so I started for the shore. I let it rip in the boat anyway and she never knew.

Did it turn you on? it would have for me

yeah- haha I've done that before! This summer I was at 6 flags America and I had to pee really bad after this water ride. After the ride you had to walk across a bridge. If you waiting long enough the next boat of riders would crash into the water and totally drench everybody on the bridge. And yup...i peed myself as the boat was hitting the water, lol. What?! I had to go!

Hey Shauna, I remember your 6 Flags story. That is a good one but I like this one a lot too. I would find it so hot watching your pee squirt out through the fabric. If I had been with you I would have taken my penis out through a pant leg or out the top and let it arch through the air.

I like to wade in up to my knees and then do it in my bikini before going deeper.

That is something I would love to see.

Have you ever just peed in your bikini while lying on the beach?

Do you like the wet feeling?

i love love love watching girls pee their bikinis! i would come all over that boat

I would have..I'd have my own wet to deal with . LOL

I can always tell by the glazed eyes and sighing-satisfied-grin as a girl pees herself, at the beach or anywhere else! ;-P

grin32- i luv peeing in my bikini just to see if guys notice! Most of the time they dont :(

That would be such a turn on to watch you do that. lol. I've been standing in the water two different times when a girl peed her bikini. It was hot. Thanks for posting.

My gf just sits on my lap so we can share, in bed.. the shower... swimming pool... it's great to share! ;-P

I would have done as you did if I was in the same situation. The closest I had was when I put a mattress in the water. And did it on that. You have to be close friends? It's not something you say at the beginning of a friendship .At least, they are nothing like my friends say.

of course you wouldn't nudydude! now that I think of it...that would have created an ENTIRELY different expereince that day!

you did the same thing? or you would've done the same thing?

I like this story because I had done the same thing in that situation. Have you done anything like this since this happened?