I was walking home from a friends house, desperate to p**. When I decided I couldn't hold it any longer, I stopped, searching for somewhere to p**before I lost it. I was at a playground in an empty field. The first place with any privacy, unless I was going to squat in a field where anyone could come in and see me. I dashed into the castle and pulled my underwear to the side. The only place with enough coverage was the top step, with plastic on both sides. I squeezed my legs and tried to position myself so I wouldn't make a mess, which was hard because of how much I was fidgeting. As soon as I was in position, I released my p**, shooting straight down with incredible force, making an audible sound on the mulch. I tipped my head back and sighed in relief. It hadn't been more than 2 seconds when I heard a rustle from the outer edges of the field. I tensed and immediately stopped. I looked around. Nothing. Probably just some animal hopping around. I could continue p**ing. I looked down. My bladder was still almost completely full, I had to p** so bad, and yet , I couldn't. I groaned and replaced my underwear to its original position. I would have to find another place to release my bladder. I put my hand back over my crotch, now having to fidget and squirm even more than before. I knew I wasn't going to be able to go unless I found a better position. I ran down the stairs and saw the puddle I had made from my 2 seconds of p** it was huge. I couldn't believe how much I still needed to go. As a huge wave of desperation struck I dove behind a small plastic wall and dropped into a low squat, pulling my underwear aside and trying once again to release my full bladder, but it wouldn't come out. I stood up angrily and held myself, jumping up and down in pain, wrapping my legs like a pretzel to contain it. There was no way I was going to hobble all the way home as desperate as I was. I've never been p**-shy before, and suddenly I was the most desperate I had ever been, sub-consciously afraid of being caught. I realized I needed to find somewhere completely enclosed to trick myself, so took off my damp underwear and set it with my phone. I say on the front of the bench and relaxed as much as possible. I closed my eyes and after about 20 seconds a trickle started, weak and slow. It shocked me, and I tensed again, stopping abruptly. The puddle on the ground was no bigger than a tea saucer. I groaned and crossed my legs, bouncing them like crazy. I wanted to cry. I tried once more, with no more results than a few drops. I was so angry, I grabbed my phone and underwear with one hand, held myself with the other, and quickly walked towards my house. I figured I wouldn't be able to p** unless I was in a bathroom. I true one more time before I left the field, standing towards a tree pushing my bladder, hoping that the fact that my bladder was pushing downwards while I stood, but to no reward. I started my long walk home in complete agony. I had walked about four blocks when I had to stop, hold with both hands, and twist sideways, scrunching my face. It took every bit of effort to hold it in. Less then a block later. I squirted a bit into my hand. I quickly dropped to the ground to help hold myself. I set down my phone and underwear and crawled at top speeds to the storm drain about 7 feet away. I squatted, facing it and FINALLY was able to release. My stream was as thick as a crayola marker and was going faster than I had ever seen it, shooting forwards straight into the drain. It wasn't going fast enough for my poor exhausted bladder, which longed to relieve itself long ago. I pressed hard on my stomach to help I go faster, and the loud pitter patter on the concrete got louder. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back. I moaned in pleasure, almost screamed. I really needed this. I was throbbing. It was the most amazing sensation. There were tears running down my face and I was panting like crazy. Once my stream turned normal, I smiled and rotated my hips so it splashed the curb. It slowly tuned to a trickle and I dropped out of my squat to sitting down on the pavement. I took a few minutes to catch my breath and stood up. I put my underwear back on, and continued on my way home. Let's just say I should take this route home more often.
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thats a really sexy story. if only i had been there to witness that

I love the feeling of desperation, it's a turn-on.